Monday, November 14, 2011

Pinterest challenge #1

So I don't know about you but I have gone on Pinterest and I think I have pinned more crafts, tutorials, recipes, workouts and health tips to last me for a while.  So today while I was cleaning my mom's house (which I do for extra money and my mom is crazy sweet enough to pay me) I was thinking it was about time to start going through the different boards on my Pinterest account and start doing some of things that I had pinned and then evaluate them on my blog so that those of you who are so amazing enough to read my blog can have a little better insight.  I have had a major cold/sinus infection this last week so needless to say I have not been feeling the greatest but what's a mom/wife to do?  the world doesn't stop to allow a mom/wife to sleep in late, take naps during the day and just lounge on the couch watching cartoons while my body heals which is what I remember doing as a kid and what my kids do now when they don't feel good.  Anyhoo, so while I was cleaning today and still not feeling like myself I remembered I had pinned a mixture to put in a hot bath while you soak and it is supposed to help your whole body just feel better and more energized so I decided that soaking in a hot bath for a few minutes, for medicinal purposes of course, would be the perfect way to start out my new Pinterest challenge.  So I got home and got the kids settled down to a movie then I went to work on mixing up the dry ingredients that go to what is called a Detox Bath.  The recipe and blog where this is all at is here.  I will have to say this is something I think I will be doing more of.  Overall just in the last 30 min since soaking, my nose is not as plugged and I really do just feel overall better and energized.  The ingredients in the recipe are all things you can easily find at home or if not at the grocery store which makes it even better in my eyes.  Maybe it is all in head but what does it hurt if it is if it makes you feel better.  Until next time!!



  1. I'm glad you got a chance to take a break. I'm going to check out this recipe. Sounds good mixed with a favorite book!

  2. You will have to try it Marv, it was actually quite nice. If I enjoyed reading I would have put a good book with it :)