Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My grandparents picnic table...

My grandparents passed away a few years ago. I was very close to my grandparents and I have lots of memories with them. My family would go up to my grandparents house every Sunday evening and there we would visit with them and my other aunts, uncles and cousins. We were together on holidays which included a lot of BBQ's. When my dad's parents passed away I got the picnic table that sat on my grandparents patio and was involved in many of those BBQ's. We have had it for a few years now and it has been fine but it was older and rough and it needed a little TLC. I finally decided to tackle this project of refinishing the table. I had put it off because it was so intimidating to me to try and refinish. I know some of you out there are probably laughing right now wondering how something like this could be intimidating, but for me it was. This is the before picture of the table:
It was weather-worn, the legs on the benches were loose and it needed a good sanding. I decided I wanted to paint it instead of stain it. I sanded it down real good with my hand sander (I wish I had a hand sander) my dad's hand sander, tightened the legs so they weren't loose anymore and then got to work on painting.
This is how it turned out. I am so excited with it. I wish I would have been brave and just done it a few years ago. Our family eats outside all the time in the summer, I love to BBQ so now having the table in better condition just makes it that much more enjoyable! I even put a little wording on the one side.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Here's to a new year!!

I really love this time of year. Crazy you might ask but let me explain, I don't love the let down after the holidays, I don't love the continual snow after dreaming of a white Christmas and I don't love the fact that summer seems so far away. What I do love is the renewed energy in the air, the feel of starting fresh, the chance to set goals and make resolutions with a desire to become a better me. I love getting back on a schedule and getting my house back into a working order. With that said in our Family Home Evening on Monday night we talked about setting goals and resolutions and then we set new goals individually as well as in our family. I decided that I needed a little bit more accountability and so I though what better way than to post my goals for all the world to see:

1-I want to make my home more peaceful by finding other ways to handle situations than by yelling. I admit it I yell. I yell when I am mad or frustrated. I yell when my house is a mess, when my day doesn't go how I want it to and I yell when the kids don't want to cooperate. This is a big thing for me, I truly feel that by accomplishing this goal (albeit it will never be an ending goal but at least a new habit) it will make our house more peaceful. It is amazing the effect a mother can have on her home.
2-I want to get back to my healthy lifestyle. Before anyone chuckles at this, because isn't this one of the main goals everyone sets for themselves each year, I have to say I was just going to put lose that blasted ten pounds I put on over the last six to seven months but I knew my girls were going to hear and see these resolutions and so I wanted to put it differently. We all know it is about losing weight but I try really hard to stay more focused on the healthy body aspect so my girls don't get hung up on the weight thing.
3-To not spend so much time on electronics. I think this one is so important. There is such a disconnect when electronics are around and so I am hoping to put them down a little more often and just be a person willing to listen, talk and be involved with what is going on around me.
Well there you have it my goals for 2014!! I am excited and so determined to make this year a good year and what better way then to better myself.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our family advent...

Our family advent is a new tradition we started last year where each day the kids get to take the paper off of the day and see what fun new activity, adventure, treat or craft we get to do for that day. I know that this type of advent isn't new but it is to our family and we really enjoyed it last year. I enjoyed it because it helped us slow down, spend some time together as a family and enjoy the holiday season. December 1st was decorating the Christmas tree and unfortunately I completely forgot to take pictures of that! December 2nd was watch a Christmas movie and have hot chocolate. This has been a tradition in our family for a while now so I just incorporated it into the advent. We always watch Elf (which our family LOVES!!)

Stay tuned for other advent activities that I will be posting about!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My P90X journey so far and another project in the works

So I bet you all have been wondering about P90X well lets just say that I really did love doing it and I did feel a difference but the biggest thing is there just wasn't enough time when me and my husband could do it together and that was one of the main reasons for me doing it in the first place. I would say that if it was something you could find time for every day then go for it though because it was fun and like I said I did notice a difference. But now on to bigger and better things!! I am feeling some big and not so big projects coming on, I am excited to think of all the different little things that I am wanting to do and I am hoping to get started on some things right away!! For starters, this week I have planned to work on my new Family Home Evening board that has been sitting for such a long time and I finally had an epiphany (if that is how you spell it) on what I wanted to do with the board. My plan is to have it done on Friday and be able to show you all what I came up with. Here's to hoping!! Here is what my board looks like as of today. So far I painted the frame white and sanded it down just a bit then I painted my magnet board orange, I next found some radiator cover at Home Depot to put over the magnet board and that my friends is where I got stuck...
the picture isn't the greatest but you get the idea. Stay tuned for the finished product!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

P90X week 1 complete

So it has been a week since me and Handyman started P90X and I have to say it wasn't what I expected. It is not as fast paced as I was thinking it was going to be but the moves are definitely a challenge. I have to be honest though we didn't complete every night. Our night schedule is crazy but that isn't an excuse so this week we will do better.  I have noticed a difference in my body, probably not anything that anybody else could see yet but I felt more tone. I think the funnest part though was working out with my man and encouraging each other, I love how supportive he is of everything I do! I am not going to post pictures this week but I will next week. I will say that my weight went down two pounds which is way exciting!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ab Ripper!!

We finished our first session of an ripper tonight. ..16 minutes of sheer pain.  Love it!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

One of my new favorite treats!!

I have a new found green smoothie! I was such a skeptic at first, I mean a green smoothie, it is green and it is full of spinach. I love spinach but in a smoothie? I finally decided to try it though and I am so glad I did. Not only is it good but it curbs my cravings for other snacks and it fills me up so I don't eat as much and it has good nutrients. I found the recipe on Pinterest at this link. I add greek Chobani yogurt to mine because I really like mine thick usually about a half a cup. I dare ya to try one and then let me know what you think.