Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter 2015

We had such a wonderful Easter season, having a week off of school was only the first highlight. I tried to keep the kids busy with different activities throughout the week but it was so hard to go do fun things while JR was at work but I decided one day to take the kids on a hike. The weather was beautiful, we love to hike and it is an activity that doesn't use money. I was a little nervous taking them by myself because truth-be-told I don't have the best sense of direction and all I could think of was that we were going to end up on the other side of the mountain :) Our hike up to Waterfall ended up being awesome. The trail was very busy which was a good thing for me because it kept me on the right path. We had stopped and gotten Subway sandwiches and a few treats to eat so we packed them with us. When we reached the top we ate our lunch, took a few pictures and then headed back down the mountain. It was a great day spent with the kids!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

St. Patricks Day decor

Can you believe that it is March already? I can't. It seems like we were just celebrating Christmas.

I have been working on some projects for March that I wanted to share with you. Right now my projects are needing to be very low budget around here because my husband broke his foot and has not been able to work for the last six weeks, I will have to tell that story at a different time.

I actually took things that I already had around the house and just used a little bit of spray paint and my trusty Silhouette.
I took a piece of wood we had left over from finishing off bedrooms downstairs and spray painted it with white and green stripes. Then all I did was find a shamrock on my Silhouette and cut it out of gold vinyl and stuck it on. I also spray painted some 1x1 wood I cut down, printed out different words, again with the gold vinyl, and stuck them on.

With all of the decor I wanted simple and easy because, lets be honest, you don't really need a lot. 

On my kitchen table I added some green by asking my sweet husband to drink a bottle of Mountain Dew for me, I heard no complaints about that, I washed it out and added a few {fake} flowers. I found a printable on Pinterest that I printed off and put in my frame. The black pot was one I had down stairs that just needed a little touch up paint and then I of course I had to add "gold". 
{My kids think it is torture when I decorate things with candy because they aren't allowed to eat it}
To finish off I added the March block, again something I already had.

Like I said just so simple but it gives our house enough green that it says Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Valentine arrows

I always hate decorating after Christmas. With Christmas there is always so much stuff and my house feels so full that when Christmas is over and the decorations come down my house feels so empty. I don't feel as though there is a lot you can do to decorate your house in January. Maybe I just don't have enough vision or creativity to come up with things or maybe it is just the fact that coming down off of the high of the Christmas season makes it difficult for me. I decided that this January I would focus more on the holidays to come so my attention started with Valentines. As I was brainstorming I decided that if I had a couple of bigger decorations, it would fill more space and thus make my house seem more "full" like it does at Christmas time. We have had some pallets hanging around that my husband had collected knowing full well that I would use them so in the process of my thinking I thought of using the pallet boards to make big arrows that could sit on my porch against my bench. As I explained to my sweet husband my vision, he went to work and hit the nail right on the head!! They came out exactly how I was thinking. and infact they came out so well that not only did he make me two for my porch but he also made some that I plan on using for normal, every day decor.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Desk chair make-over

For Christmas this year we decided to finish two rooms in the basement
for our older two girls. We have had all three of our girls in one room for a long time and
it was time to give them more space and time to give me my sanity back.
Finishing two rooms at Christmas time around this house was not the brightest decision,
I will have to go into that story later, but we got them done.

We built in some desks for each of them, which I have to say has been a great
thing. During the construction process I knew they would need a cute chair to fit in their new
space so I started doing some looking. I shopped in stores and looked on KSL
but could never find anything that caught my eye. One night I am down stairs, helping with whatever I could, when I noticed our old kitchen table and chair set given to us
when we were first married. (Yes I still had it) It was then that it hit me, we could fix
a couple of these chairs up, give them a facelift and they would be perfect.

This is what the chairs looked like before we started the makeover.

My next bright idea after finding the chairs was that I could get the girls to help me with
them. They were both pretty excited about that and happily agreed.
We went and bought some fabric to cover the seats and then decided to use the left over 
paint that we had used to paint their colored wall. 
I would much prefer spray paint over using a paint brush any day but we already 
had the paint and we knew that it would match perfect.

Here is the painting process, I didn't want to send them out to the garage in the cold
so I let them paint in the kitchen. The excitement of helping quickly wore off though and me the husband ended up finishing the painting.

Next was the covering of the cushions this was quite simple. I got my material the size
I needed it wrapped the cushion and my sweet husband stapled while I held the material
down in place. I think I enjoy projects like this the most
because it involved so many of us working together and I love to see
my girls get a little crafty from time to time.

The end result was exactly what I wanted and I think that they were pleased as well.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One of my favorite Halloween traditions...pumpkin carving.

I am a strong believer in traditions and having lots of them!! Last night we did our pumpkin carving. This is one of my favorites because it is fun to do no matter what age you are so the younger kids and the older kids like it, me and my husband enjoy it and we even get my parents involved. I love seeing my kids squirm over pulling out the pumpkin "guts", watching them as they get their design ready and then seeing their faces as they try to make that creation come to life.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kitchen desk...what I wish I would have done in the first place, only so much better.

When we were building this house I remember talking to our contractor about extending our cupboards out so that we could have a computer desk. At the time it sounded like a good idea but the contractor felt that it would take up too much space, so I decided against it. Now go forward six almost seven years, four kids later who are all in school and needing space for homework and I am needing a place to put my computer and office. Needless to say I was wishing I would have gone with my instinct and had them build the desk, but alas that is not the case. I finally decided it was time to do something about it. I enlisted my sweet handyman and we got to work.

So I didn't get a ton of great pictures but this gives the idea of what our vision was. I wanted something simple. I decided to paint the top of the desk with chalk paint which my kids were very excited about. My seven year old loves to write her spelling words on it with chalk when she is practicing. We went with a "door" rather than a drawer just for simplicity purposes. We put one big compartment with a door that opens. The compartment holds my laptop, rulers, stapler and other things like pens and paper clips. Sometimes the best part of these projects is watching my husband as he takes what I have told him I want and turns it into a reality!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Just a little Halloween decor...

It seems like every year I pull out the decorations and then I just stare trying to remember how I had decorated last year, remembering that I had liked how I had decorated last year but just can't seem to remember how it was. So I though that this year I would take a few pictures of some of my favorite areas so that I can remember for next year. I LOVE Halloween! I made the pillows this year from some towels I found at Target. They were so easy and they came out just how I wanted them to. The mantel is actually stuff I put together last year but I like the look it has given my mantel this year.

This owl is kind of a funny story. We actually bought it in the summer to try and scare the birds away from our house but I thought he looked pretty good with the cauldron and the witches broom. Bring on Halloween let the season of spooks, ghosts and goblins begin!